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What are they saying about the book?

In a era of mass employee disengagement (like now!), this book may well provide answers many leaders are searching for!” - Joost Minnaar, Co-Founder Corporate Rebels


This book is compulsory reading for all those who want to change something in their organizations because they consider the status quo unsatisfactory or unhealthy for the people who work there, but also for the organization itself.  - Prof.Franz Röösli, Ph.D. , Head of Center for Enterprise Development at University of Applied Sciences Zurich and core team member of the Beyond Budgeting Round Table (BBRT)


“From Hierarchy to High Performance is a powerful book for any manager or leader who wants to transform their culture. Each author brings their expertise, insights and wisdom with practical tools and steps to cultivate a workplace that promotes employees bringing their passion for the work and strengths while still making a profit, a delicate yet worthwhile balance.” - Michelle Burke, CEO of Energy Catalyst Group and author of 15 Minute Pause; A Radical Reboot for Busy People


“There’s a revolution occurring underneath all our feet — a 21st century, bottom-up shift from bureaucratic rule to valued human experiences. From Hierarchy to High Performance powerfully, simply, and boldly guides us through this revolution. A must-read for all transformational leaders!” - Bill Jensen, author of Future Strong and Simplicity


“This collection, from true change agents and thought leaders, provides us with the most practical and leading-edge strategies, concepts and tools for changing culture in today's fast-paced organizations. A must read for all leaders, consultants and coaches.” - Mark Samuel - CEO of IMPAQ and Author of B STATE: A New Roadmap for Bold Leadership, Brave Culture and Breakthrough Results!


“Almost anybody interested in high performance in the workplace will find something of interest here in this highly readable book.” - Henry DeVries, author of the international bestseller How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett and Persuade With a Story!


“Innovative and inspiring! In a time where we now know we need a different kind of leadership, From Hierarchy to High Performance creates high performing organizations by giving people their voice and their life back. Exploring the qualities we can all possess as leaders From Hierarchy to High Performance creates the end of command-control and hails in the age of high-performance participation and collaboration.” - Teresa de Grosbois, #1 International bestselling author of Mass Influence - the habits of the highly influential, Chair - Evolutionary Business Council


 “When facing the daunting task of ongoing organizational transformation, it can be difficult for leaders to know where to start—in a couple words: start here. From Hierarchy to High Performance contains practical and helpful perspectives from seven of the most cogent workplace thinkers in the world today. In just a few powerful pages, this book adeptly covers the most crucial themes needed to understand the future of work, including purpose, well-being, culture, self-management, and whole-body intelligence. If you want to understand the ingredients of a great work culture, look no further!” - Josh Allan Dykstra, Author of Igniting the Invisible Tribe: Designing An Organization That Doesn’t Suck


Many are talking in general terms about the future of work, but this remarkably insightful set of perspectives is a must read for anyone trying to take workforce change and turn it to an advantage for their organization. This powerful and important book puts workplace change into vivid perspective and offers remarkably constructive ideas and thinking that will transform the effectiveness of organizations.  – Jim Nichols, CMO Partnerize


“Today’s market and workforce conditions require organizational leaders to find new ways to release the potential of their people.  From Hierarchy to High Performance is a great place to start looking.” - Timm J. Esque, Founder and Managing Partner, Ensemble Management Consulting, creator of Commitment-Based Project Management (CBPM), and author of "No Surprises Project Management.


“From Hierarchy to High Performance is a “business” book unlike any other I have ever read. It was written by an incredibly diverse group of very smart people, each of whom has a compelling vision of a world that doesn’t exist - yet. They offer specific guidance about how to transform highly-structured, bureaucratic, spirit-killing organizations into agile, caring, high-performing communities. Get a copy today, and become a transformational leader. It’s easier than you can imagine.” -  James Ware, PhD, Managing Editor, Work&Place


“A focused work targeting C-level challenges with solutions based on real-world experience. This short and inspiring effort makes a quick read for long-term success!” -  Don Schmincke: Best-Selling Author/Researcher/Speaker


If you want to infuse more meaning and purpose into your workplace, read From Hierarchy to High Performance. This book provides practical advice for any leader who wants to create a tribe of True Believers. - Lisa Earle McLeod, Bestselling author of Selling with Noble Purpose.   

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